Triatlonový top ZONE3 Aquaflo plus

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Kvalitný dres predĺžený po bedrá (takže Vám netrčí brucho :-)).

Dve bočné vrecká a šedá farba na chrbte aby Vám nebolo teplo.

Kompresná tkanina s termoregulačnými vlastnosťami.

Basic water repelent coating- odpudzujú vodu, nevsakujú ju a tým mierne nadľahčujú.

Technický opis:

  1.  Aquaflo™  is a fast and comfortable fabric. It is designed to give you low levels of drag thanks to its water repellent Teflon coating. You will notice that when the fabric has water splashed on to it, it will bead up and flow straight off the suit. This is the effect which is maximised during the swim. It is made from Xtra-Life Lycra® which ensures great shape retention and comfort throughout the race.


  1. Length - Designed to slightly overlap with the Tri shorts which gives the impression of wearing a suit, but with the versatility of wearing shorts and top.


  1. Length – The top is also longer at the back compared to the front to ensure good coverage in all cycling positions.


  1. Size – Designed to be slightly bigger than the traditional tri top sizing to give a looser fit rather than being too skin tight. This change has been requested by a large proportion of our novice and intermediate athletes over the last two years.


  1. New Pocket Design –Two low drag resistant pockets on the rear of the top to store nutritional products or other race accessories.


  1. Air-Seam is a unique breathability system which runs from the top of the suit along the spine. It is made from a soft plastic mesh material which ergonomically works with the shape of your back. It actively allows for air to flow in and out – it helps to keep you cool and assists with reducing moisture build up. The unique structure allows for great ventilation whist still remaining streamlined.


  1. Total Zip protection – Nobody has put as much care into the inner suit protection as us. The full perimeter of the zip has been stitched with a soft fabric to prevent any sharp edges rubbing against your chest. After testing all zipper protectors we felt that an inside patch, as used by many pros, offered the best comfort and performance.


  1. Elastic Technology & piping to give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.


  1. Flat locked stitching – Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.


The best selling tri top in our range thanks to comfortable fit and performance fabrics.

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