AERO SUIT Zone3 Activate Plus s krátkym rukávom v 3 farbách pánsky

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Aero dres s krátkym rukávom od Zone3 na triatlonové preteky ako aj cyklistické časovkárske preteky.

materiál z pevnej rýchloschnúcej látky, gumové lemy pre fixáciu na tele, dve zadné vrecká:






1. Fully chosen and positioned to improve performance, comfort and endurance. 

2. Aerodynamic laser cut short sleeves for improved aerodynamics, bicep muscle support and increase protection from UV rays.

3. Brand new ‘Iron Performance’ pad: Designed by Cytech, one of the World’s leading pad manufacturers in Italy. Probably one of the most important aspects of racing this distance is being comfortable on the saddle. Perforated pad lamination delivers supreme breathability and quick drying capabilities. The high density foam gives more padding and protection when cycling and the central channelling in the perinea area is designed to offset pressure points. The high level of elasticity in the pad also maximises freedom of movement when swimming and running. Described by 220 Magazine as being “remarkably good on the saddle”.

4. Nutrition storage on each side of the legs and nice big pockets on the back to stock up on nutrition and make it easy to access whilst on the bike or run.

5. Silicone UFO leg grippers : Newly designed leg grippers combine a soft elastic material with internal and external silicone. These grippers are stitched to the bottom of the leg material rather than inside to create a more comfortable fit and do a fantastic job of preventing any movement during the cycle and run.

6. Comfort fit design throughout the body and neck together with slightly wider shoulder panels for increased protection from the sun.

7. Optical white colour used on the majority of the top to help reflect the sun’s heat.

8. Elastic Technology and binding gives a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines. Also, new seam construction to prevent any chafing under the arm.

9. Stylish Flat locked stitching: Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.

10. Front semi-auto lock zipper for extra ventilation during the cycle or run.

11. Total Zip protection: Soft fabrics are used to cover the inside of the zipper and this is combined with ‘fold over’ cover to minimise any discomfort from the zip on the chest.
The suit offers all over comfort combined with performance during all three disciplines. If you’re taking on a long distance race this season then we hope this will be the perfect suit. Please also see our Tri suit or top and short options.

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